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“ I learned a lot. Excellent instructor.”

 “Mr. Parker did a wonderful job teaching the material. He was clear and concise. I belief I can assist our company in moving from strictly compliance in QC to commitment to QC. Thank you!”

 “ Very well concerning course. Got ability to contract and complete successfully.”

“Training will help me in my current position.”

 “Great instructor”

 “…I have received a better understanding on how to implement CQM on future jobs.”

 “ I need more training.”

 “ Materials was good. The instructor did good with the time allotted.”

 “Excellent class, very informative, and has given us the material to improve our overall QC program.”

 “Good class … but need more time to practice skills in a controlled environment.”

 “Good presentation. ….”


 “Enjoyed the information and the presentation of the material.”

 “ Could easily take more time to completely understand all phases…”

 “I enjoyed the class but was so fast….”

 “The class was excellent and also needed for construction managers and not only conreps.”

 “ Good stuff- should help all managers.”

 “ I liked it really well.   Can’t wait to learn more from the paper work I got.”

 “ Very informative and high quality.”

 “ The concept of this is mostly common sense and should help us with our projects!”

 “ Beneficial to learn about quality control and quality assurance from the governments perspective and to get a better understanding of the ideals behind the three phases of control and the other quality requirements.”